Monday, March 17, 2014

A Mile in My Shoes

Hey Family and friends! Happy St. Patrick's day!

Quite a cold, windy and snowy holiday for us out here. 6 inches last
night, never really thought about it snowing on the ocean cause it
didn't really happen back at home. And as fun as it is to travel this
part of he country and see some cool sites and have cool experiences,
it all pales in comparison to the sweet moments I am so blessed to
have with members, non members and my Savior. Like yesterday we were
walking home from the bus station, about 4 blocks, and we saw a man
across the intersection really stumbling and fumbling with his feet,
he was clearly very intoxicated. He walked into a parking lot then
blacked out completely and collapsed like a rag doll on the ground. As
this was transpiring, I felt to run over to aid him. The natural man
in me said, no he brought this upon himself, leave him be. But we each
took an arm and propped him up. As we walked him to the Rescue Mission
less than a block away, I felt the love of the Savior for this poor
man, reeking of alcohol. I thought of the Good Samaritan, and just
wanted to help him. Some others kind of told us to sit him down until
a worker came out to get him. So much joy comes when we act as the
hands and feet of the Savior Himself.

I love Atlantic City. Parts of it remind me of Wilmington, like the
projects looking parts. But this is a walking area, so we rely heavily
on public transportation. We cover pretty much the whole island that
Atlantic City sits on, so we do have to plan travel time. So much
happened this past week that it feels like it's been a month since
last p day. And my companion has made it a lot of fun. I've been
learning the ukulele during lunches, etc. it's way fun! We've been
busy and working hard. So to start off, the English branch needs a lot
of help and work. We had 4 members at church yesterday. Excluding
leadership and missionaries. We teach Sunday school and
priesthood/relief society (always combined) and do the Sacrament and I play piano for it, so they rely heavily on us 4 missionaries. We are
going to start a Bible study class at the church for members and
non-members  to come feel the Spirit in the church.

We are teaching a really cool guy named Joe R. He is the recent
husband to a member named Sister Magaly. She talked about wanting to
get sealed in the temple and invited him to meet with us. So he has
been for a month or two, he comes to church occasionally and wants to
take it slow. But he has great questions and a big heart and sincere
desire to know the truth. Just what the branch needs. We talked on
Tuesday about revelation and watched an Elder Bednar Mormon message on
discerning light, which really helped him understand the Spirit

Wednesday was fuhhreezing. Windy and rainy and wet, but we work
through, thinking of the pioneers. We taught our older investigator
Joe H. About the plan of salvation, and it was so awesome to hear him
pray to be able to make it to the Celestial Kingdom. He's had some
recent health problems but has incredible faith in God. On Thursday we
had Zone Training in Vineland, NJ and went on exchanges with the Zone
Leaders right after that. It was sweet because they speak all Spanish,
so I was forced to pull out all my Spanish. I've got a lot to work on
and study and not a whole lot of time to do it, but it can only help
in the long run.

On Saturday we had back to back appts with our 2 Burmese families.
Let's just say it was exhausting. We skyped the Dun's from the Cherry
Hill Ward into the lesson to translate back and forth. They are
actually waiting for approval to translate the Book of Mormon into
Burmese, and they are the Burmese translators for General Conference.
What a blessing it is to be able to include them in the lesson from a
distance. As far as we know, the lessons went as well as could be
expected. But even more amazing was that we were kind of freaking out
when Klawmey, (mom of the Meh family) showed up at church. There ain't
a whole lot we can do about translating all of church for her. She was
really timid, even though the members were great about reaching out to
her. So during Sunday School we watched For God So Loved the World
Bible Video depicting the life and mission of Jesus Christ. I looked
over at the end of the video and saw her wipe a tear from her eye.
It's so amazing how the Spirit can touch anyone's heart, no matter
what language they speak. Especially with universal truths about the
Savior and Redeemer of the world.

I testify that He does live. He loves us and wants more than anything
for us to just come to Him. 3 Nephi 17 has a beautiful account of that
love as He says "Have ye any that are...afflicted in any
manner...Bring them hither and I will heal them, for I have compassion
upon you; my bowels are filled with mercy." (3 Nephi 17:7)

He is able to heal us only because He's walked a mile in our shoes. A
mile in my shoes, so when it's raining or cold or life gets stormy, I
look to Him for strength, peace and example. His arms will always be
outstretched towards us. I know it to be true.

Love you all, don't get pinched today!

Elder Robins

Geno's Steak in Atlantic City
More interesting food 
Jake and his companion in Atlantic City

Jake with the largest pizza ever. 
Fish Head 
Elder Facuri with his smug face. No that's not bling, he lost the clip
name tag so has to put his pocket name tag on a necklace. 

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