Monday, March 10, 2014

Like A Good Neighbor, State Farm is There!

Hi everyone!
Hope yous all (east coast saying) had a great week. It was quite
eventful for us! On Monday and Tuesday I we spent time saying goodbye
to many of the members whom I had come to love. There really are some
kind hearted people in Smyrna and I have felt so blessed to have the
kind of member support we enjoy in Smyrna. The Guessfords took us out
to lunch on Tuesday and then again to breakfast before driving us 2
hours up to transfers Wednesday morning. Hey are such awesome people
and I have found that the Holy Ghost has a way with binding people
together spiritually in a way that no other source can. It makes
relationships much more profound. But we still laugh and have fun with
each other.

Soooo, on Wednesday 180 of us missionaries stood across the Broomall
cultural hall from each other, starting to nervously sweat as we
awaited the transfers to be announced. Soon, I heard Elder Jenkins
(assistant) say "And in the Cherry Hill South Zone, serving with Elder
Facuri in Atlantic City (aka Zion of the east coast), is...... Elder
Robins!!" My jaw dropped as I ran kind of in shock to go hug my new
companion. Elder Facuri's a bit of a legend in the mission, so I never
thought I'd be comps with him, nor did I think I'd really ever serve
in Atlantic City(home of one of the world's largest pipe organs...for
you organ geeks out there...oh so few of us ha). So I was stoked. So
excited for this new adventure.

Elder Facuri is a big Hawaiian boy from Oceanside, CA (nope he doesn't
know Reed and Celeste) and he likes to surf. A lot. Kinda lives the
island lifestyle. He is fun loving, loves to laugh and work hard...oh
and he's uhh..narcoleptic....what?? I've already gotten pics of him
during studies, bless his soul he doesn't last more than 90 seconds
sometimes. But hey, At least he gets a more in depth study of Lehi's

And then..there's Atlantic City. Oh boy, let's just say they called it
Sin City's sister for a reason. The first thing I noticed as we were
driving through New Jersey and into AC, was all the casinos. Tons of
em. Not nearly as flashy as Vegas, but still sin city! So here I am
sitting on the Caesers Boardwalk mall, looking out on the AC
coastline. It's been a fun p-day exploring he city and what not with
another pair of Elders serving in our huge district.

So the Atlantic City branch we serve in has about 35 active Spanish
speaking members, and them there's an English branch tacked on to it
with the same leadership and everything, and it has about 8 active
members. Yes 8. That's with 3 recent converts. So we've for sure got
our work cut out for us. But I love it here!! There's so much
potential and I know the Lord has placed me here for a reason. I felt
to pray before transfers to be able to develop my language skills in
my next area. So it's no coinkidink that I'm here.

In terms of investigators, we are teaching a Burmese family that speak
only Burmese, except the daughter speaks a little English. So we will
skype in another Burmese family in the stake tonight on the iPads to
help us teach/translate. Technology is such a blessing! So we shall
see how that goes tonight. We're also working with a lot of less
actives on the island.

I must admit that it's not always easy to share the gospel whenever we
get the chance. We're supposed to talk to everyone. But I think of the
Apostle Paul speaking to the Romans when he says "16 For I am not
ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto
salvation to every one that believeth;" (Romans 1:16). I love this
gospel and I love love wearing Christ's name on my badge. Why be
ashamed? Let's share what makes us happy!

With love,

Elder Jake Robins

Ps, we were helping move a member and there was a Muslim man helping
out. He just said yeah I saw her moving stuff so offered to help. Like
a good neighbor, this man was there.

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