Monday, April 20, 2015

The Pursuit of Happyness

Dearest Family and Friends,

Can you believe it?! Two years has come and gone just like that. It's so surreal. And I've been around many "dying" missionaries throughout my mission, but it's different when it's actually your turn. There is a whole slew of emotions and thoughts and what not that really bog me down if I'm not careful. I've found the key is to frequently and consciously let my mind be clear and settled. That brings me inner peace, as hard as it is to do. 

Thank you all for the thoughtful birthday gifts and wishes, including the "Happy Socks" mom. Those are just a pleasure to wear.  Our car needed an oil change, so we did that first thing in the morning on Tuesday. We hadn't finished planning the night before for various administrative we kinda did that while waiting. Elder Bergman suggested going to Downingtown to visit a struggling companionship. Selfishly, I was like "Come on! On my birthday?" Then I thought about how selfish I was sounding or thinking and I realized that it could be a blessing to the elders and for us to be able to minister to them. So we get there around 12, call them to see where they were at and they were on their way home for lunch. Our intent was to do a surprise double-in for a few hours so we could see how much they had actually planned, not just to look good for the zl's. We went walking around in Coatesville and found the elders a new potential investigator. We drove a few minutes to their apt and knocked on the door. They were a little shocked to see us standing at their door, but I think their apartment was a little more shocked. Perhaps a tornado touched down the day before. It was not pretty. So we spent close to an hour just cleaning it with them. Three bags of trash and a couple of squirts of febreeze later, it was again inhabitable. I then spent a few hours with Elder Rychlik and set goals to help him get back on track. I left feeling like I had done some good. 

We went to the Concoba's home for dinner on the and ya just had to be there, but it was pretty funny. She is from Portugal and he is from Guatemala and they have two kids. And they usually cook us up some of their native food which is wonderful. But she felt so bad because she had been running behind and resorted to feeding us pasta. Which wasn't a bad thing, they were just used to feeding the missionaries better. She had no idea it was my birthday and I wasn't about to pull the tacky card and tell them. I'd been taught better than that. (Though we all have our tacky tonight where I put in the wrong address for dinner and we're half an hour late...yeah, not classy.) but we can't beat ourselves up over the little things or we'll never be happy. Eventually just out of the blue their little daughter asked if it was her birthday because of the cake she saw. Sister Concoba double checked to make sure it wasn't anyone's birthday, then Elder Bergman pointed to me. Sister Concoba just about had a heart arrack. She felt so bad. I really didn't mind I was fine just being there, but it was funny to watch their reactions. It was fun to just enjoy the moment.

We all have those moments or days or things we coulda shoulda woulda done better. Good heavens, it seems like I have them every 5 minutes! And if you're like me, you let them get to you.  Don't do that! Keep calm and carry on. Simple, cliche, but wise. I'm slowly learning to just let go and not be so tied up with every action , every word. Repent, move on, and change. Is that not the essence of the gospel? Kyle Newton is a good example of that. He feels bad that even after his baptism he just keeps doing things that don't make his mom happy. He feels like he keeps messing up. I have testified multiple times to him of the gift and power of repentance. And really as cheesy as it may sound, the gospel is the key to happiness. 

The moments that have been some of the sweetest are when the Spirit bears witness to my heart and the hearts of those I'm teaching that my testimony is true. They feel the light and happiness that can come, and if their heads are screwed on straight, they'll want more of it. 

Well I've thought and learned a lot about what makes us as humans happy. I think of the time and I've probably quoted this before, when the Nephites officially break off from the Lamanites. Lamanites were being naughty and rebellious, not listening to their mamas, or really anyone BuT the natural man. The Nephites led simple lives, with their eyes focused on what matters most. And for this cause, Nephi was able to simply declare "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness." 2 Nephi 5:27

Let's be real, Nephi probably didn't have a Liahona show up under his pillow every night, nor was he blissfully communing with the Spirit day in and day out. But it's the little day to day things that we do in living the gospel that truly make us happy. Now I could be better at practicing what I preach, I'm still figuring it out. This life though really is just a pursuit ofHappyness. Happiness is what we humans long for. I have my life ahead of me and who knows what it will bring, but I pray that every moment will find me living the gospel of Jesus Christ as if He were standing right beside me, being anxiously engaged in a good cause. "Each day we decide the degree of our discipleship." Neal A. Maxwell

I will end with an example of a living wonderful disciple of Christ. Sister Tina Byrd. I've talked about her before. She is from Cambodia and she speaks rough English. She's been a member for over a decade. She has one of the sweetest and simplest testimonies I've ever heard. She knows God loves her. She loves Jesus Christ. She knows members of her Ward love and care for her. And although she still has mountains to bed bugs, and what not, she is on the road of happiness and fulfillment. Pure and simple and beautiful. 

Thank you all for your love, support and testimonies. I hope something of the novels I've written has touched some one of you. Thanks for reading. I love you all and will see you so soon. 


Elder Jacob M. Robins

Had a grill off with Caleb Coe and thought I'd just get a picture with the Coe family. Wonderful last pday. 

Some African food we ate at the Adewole's in our Ward with adorable Olayomade on the other side of the table. Mom and dad, get ready to eat this!

Monday, April 13, 2015

"My Savior to My Aid Will Come"

Hey Everyone!

Spring is here! And it's supposed to rain tomorrow :(...but April
showers bring May flowers! Just wish we could send some to CA. I hope
Tyler and Jared both had enjoyable, non-pouty birthdays filled with
gratitude for life and for mom and dad and for all they do for us.
Elder Bergman and I spent a good amount of time at the beginning of
last week preparing for my very last zone training! So weird. I still
remember my first like it was yesterday. This prideful little
golden/greenie, something in Japanese or whatever you want to call it,
thinking he knew the ins and outs of missionary work. Boy was I in for
a kick in the pants! Sometimes literally. My trainer was great for me
and set me on the course for a good mission.

There have been many humbling moments that have caused me to suck up
my pride and just pray. Just work. Just love. And just serve. For
example, after sister Burton's powerful talk in General Conference
last weekend, I found myself this past week in many circumstances
where her self evaluation was put to the test. Pride is a vicious sin
and I think we all struggle with some form of it or another. Major
props to those who successfully overcome it in this life or even get
close. But there was a disagreement I had with my companion about how
to end zone training. I of course, felt that my way was best and vice
versa. And I feel like especially with men there's this unspoken
complex of "I need to be right all the time or I'm not a man." Men
won't say it, but let's be honest, it's pretty true in many guys. Not
all, but many. So I just did my usual scoff and walk away and pretend
like I don't care when really I'm boiling inside thing. Then I thought
of her talk. Am I choosing to be happy, or am I insisting that I am
invariably right? Gahhh! It is such a struggle that few of us are
willing to openly admit we have. But in that moment, no not in that
moment, but in reflecting on that moment, I've come to learn that our
relationships with others are in the process of becoming eternal. The
decision we are arguing over will be irrelevant or not really matter
within a few minutes or hours or days or months.

Christ asked us, And me, to love everyone. We were talking with Sheila
yesterday, and the kids and she said, how on earth can one love God or
say they love God if they don't love the people around them? I think
that in those moments when we so desperately want to be right or feel
that we are, if instead of lashing out irrationally we were to plead
in silent prayer for help and perhaps forgiveness, then the Savior
will come to our aid. #kingofrunonsentences.

I was on exchanges with Elder Smilanich this past Friday and Saturday.
He's the same Elder that i dragged around Philly in the pouring rain
on his first transfer out. He's in my zone again and boy is he a goon!
But we love him. On exchanges everything fell through. It was
drizzling rain and just one of those depressing days and nothing held.
We went through all of our back ups and still had left over time. It
was hard not to get discouraged, especially as the leader who should
be setting the "almost perfect" example. Jk. So that was frustrating,
but throughout the day I was praying and I remembered the words to a
beloved hymn "My Savior to my aid will come when sought in secret
prayer." -Hymns, 144

So I saw the little tender mercies of the Lord that kept me going. At
the end of the night, both our appts had fallen through so we prayed
to know what to do. The name of a woman living in a nursing home about
10 miles away came to mind. Sister Ellis. I'd only met her once with
Elder Eldredge, but she loved it and I felt good about it this time.
So we went and she needed a priesthood blessing. It's always a
pleasure to be able to minister to God's children and to be led to
them without you even having known beforehand that they were in need.
Earlier in the day we were walking in Norristown about the time when
kids were getting out of school. I look across the street to an
African American young woman who looked to be in high school. She was
just smiling with the biggest grin. I looked back and she was still
smiling at me, and again the third time. I thought. This is fishy, she
either wants to join our church or...yeah.

So like any giddy missionary would do when they get a solid smile and
hello, I beckoned her to cross the street. We started talking, I found
out she's in 7th grade and younger sister is older than
this girl. This is weird. So we showed her the Easter video on my
iPad, and whilst watching the video, she looked up momentarily at my
name tag and said "Elder Robison" then after the video was done she
looked up and smiled, said thank you, gave me a half hug without my
consent and without so much as a head nod or any recognition of Elder
Smilanich, she turned and walked off. My jaw dropped.

Another time was when we knocked on the door of an old potential, a
little kid looked through the window, knocked on it and smiled with
the cutest smile, looked back towards the dark inside, then back at us
and through the window he yelled "My dad says Go Away!" Ha a little
blunt, but we had to laugh because he was so cute about it.

I know Christ will come to our aid, perhaps especially when we need
Him most. "I will be merciful unto them...if they will repent and come
unto me." 2 Nephi 28:32

Have a joyous week. Love always,

Elder Jacob Robins

Monday, April 6, 2015

Nothing is Forever Lost

Dear Family & Friends,

Happy Easter! I don't know about you, but this was an awesome weekend.
I hope you all felt the same. This Easter, like this past Christmas,
felt different than past Easter holidays. In the past all I wanted to
do was avoid the hard boiled eggs and rot my teeth with peeps and
jelly beans. Yeah sure we talked about Jesus, but it hasn't sunk in
until now. There was something special about this General Conference
that really just hit me. A lot was said about families and marriage
and young single adults and returned missionaries staying strong and
faithful...take a hint Elder! Ha.

We were able to watch the first session with the Yi's at their house,
chimichangas in hand (courtesy of Sheila). The kids actually weren't
too bad for the two hours. Derek was so restless he looked like he had
ants in his pants, but they all stayed put and thoroughly enjoyed
listening to living prophets. We are working with especially Kyle and
Derek to be a little more responsible and organized in their
schoolwork and in helping out around home. We talked to them about
cutting back on video games and giving their mom the help she really

Our teaching pool is all new investigators and recent converts. It has
been quite a struggle to get people to just keep their appointments
and progress. We are seeing success with some less active members or
active members who need a little help getting on the road to the
temple. We had Zone Conference last week and talked about how
missionaries are called not just to baptize, but really we are
"full-purpose" missionaries in that we help with retention,
reactivation, teaching the gospel, member missionary work and temple
and family history work. It makes sense to have us more fully
involved. So currently we don't have a whole lot to report on our
teaching pool. Oh except there's this couple we met that lives on the
site of an old airline hangar. William and Nancy, kind people who
showed an interest in learning a little more. William is a family
history fanatic and we heard from his daughter last night that he'll
bring like 47 pages worth of family history info and what not to
family reunions. So the Spirit of Elijah is active amongst the
inhabitants of the earth. So we're working with them and helping them
feel the power and Spirit of the Book of Mormon.

Right now I'm driving home from center city Philadelphia with Caleb
Coe. We are professional mooches and he was willing to take us. He's
fun to hang out with and I like it here in philly. Oh last Sunday,
Palm Sunday, Elder Bergman and I were invited to attend a Presbyterian
church service with two young women we met at Zwahlen's the week
before. So we made a deal with them that if we came to their church
they would come to ours. So it was a deal. And we made it! Just to
find out that the whole service was in Spanish. Poor Elder Bergman
doesn't understand a lick of Spanish.  Well he understands and knows
like como esta and what not. So we're sitting there with blasting
music which neither of us understand, waving our Palm leaves for Palm
Sunday, and I was feeling very grateful for the truth and for prophets
who teach us how to worship. But at the same time I was also grateful
for faithful people who were coming to worship the best they knew how.

Something I was impressed with this conference was Elder Holland's
talk on Christ and the Atonement. I'm sure we've all felt those
moments when we're slipping off the edge and we reach just a little
further to find the heaven sent help we so desperately needed. When
the great apostasy occurred, God knew that His children living on the
earth would be lost and confused because there really wasn't much to
give them solid direction in life. But He called another prophet to
let His children know that indeed they were not lost. Such is the case
with each of us, if we follow the counsel of one of my dad's favorite

20 "And now, my beloved brethren, seeing that our merciful God has
given us so great knowledge concerning these things, let us remember
him, and lay aside our sins, and not hang down our heads, for we are
not cast off; nevertheless, we have been driven out of the land of our
inheritance; but we have been led to a better land."
2 Nephi 10:20

We are never lost if we reach out to Him. Love you all, have a springy week!

Elder Jake Robins

Monday, March 30, 2015

What Your Eyes Are Seeing

Hey Everyone!

It has been a crazy week with so much that happened. I hope most of
all that you are each feeling the Spirit of Easter this week. I know
this is very missionary-ish of me to do, please don't find it
annoying, we try our best to help everyone get involved. My invitation
is to share the link below and your testimony with at least ONE person
before this Easter. I know that person will be better for it. It's a
powerful Easter video that invites each of us to find Christ and to
follow Him.

I went on exchanges with Elder Watt (AP) and he and I have become good
friends, so it was fun. We were actually in my old area which was fun.
We also were in one of the more dangerous parts of the mission,
Chester. We only got shot at like twice. I also went on exchanges with
Elder Blume in our zone the next day. Back to back exchanges are
exhausting! Thank heavens above I was never assistant! They go on like
40 a week. I'm in a sarcastic mood, sorry. That exchange we saw a cool
miracle, 8:30 pm, nothing to do, but I felt to visit a certain man who
was in the plans from the day before. He gladly opened his door and
set a return appt. he was looking to build his faith and become a
better father, so it was just a miracle that we were right there.

We took Caleb Coe (Kortney and Jeff Myer's nephew, stake president's
son) out teaching with us. It as a lot of fun and he's a good kid just
getting ready for his mission. Our appts fell through, but we got to
know him and teach a semi active lady with us. We helped prepare the
Yi kids for confirmation and have been working to help them be a
little more patient and helpful on the Homefront. Sheila is in pain
all the time and the stress of the kids takes it's toll. But the
gospel will help of course.

During Fast & Testimony Meeting, Sister Latey got up and bore her
testimony about the feelings she had for Kerian, Soreena, Kyle, and
Derek as they were each confirmed today in Sacrament meeting. She
talked about the knitting that occurs between our hearts when we share
spiritual experiences like that together. It was beautifully put and I
thought of Mosiah 18:21 talking about hearts being knit together in
unity and love one towards another. That's essentially the purpose of
a ward family. One big quilt knit together to provide protection and
strength for each other. Yes sometimes we get in little tiffs that we
have to resolve. I did indeed feel that tugging that you might feel as
you stick two needles together to knit together some yarn as I laid my
hands, along with 5 or 6 other men, on the heads of our recent
converts. These kids have a lot to learn, but I couldn't be more proud
of all the progress they've made. I feel I was indeed sent here for
them. Sure I didn't serve in Camden, or get shot at in North Philly,
but I've met my brothers and sisters that have been waiting for me.

There is this EFY song...oh my heavens Robins, you're such a cheese
bucket...that I have come to love called "That's What Faith Can Do"
and I actually didn't hear it until my second mission companion, Elder
Timmerman, so that song will forever remind me of that companionship,
and I think in a small way it's changed my life. There's a line in
there that says "Life is so much more than what your eyes are seeing,
you will find your way if you keep believing." Pretty simple, yet
profound. In fact it strikes a chord with a theme of my Patriarchal
Blessing which is kind of neat. I've had moments of seeing beyond what
the eyes can see, but I'll be honest, much of the time I'm just so
focused on what's ahead that I forget to "stop and smell the roses" or
take note of the small and simple and beautiful things in life.

For example, Soreena gave us a little poster that had a picture of the
Plan of Salvation on it and a few blurbs from about a phrase to a
whole paragraph long. And at first I got it and was like, oh good a
green poster with a bunch of jumbled sentences that make about as much
sense as an unsolved game of scrabble. (she has a learning disability
that makes it hard to produce full sentences). But that poster just
shows the purity of her heart and testimony and really just a sense of
childlike innocence. At first glance or observation, that innocence
might be a little frustrating for a 15 year old to be displaying, but
there's something refreshing about it, because she simply just KNOWS
that God loves her, her testimony of Christ keeps her grounded in what
matters most and her countenance shows it all. I would have judged
hard core had I not taken a minute to step back and see the simple
beauty of the thoughtful art she had given us.

I don't know the meaning of everything, but I do know that if we ask
the mysteries of God can and will be unfolded before us, I say that
because I've experienced it. There are things beyond what the natural
eyes see that are there to bless us and to build us and to make us
happy. Life truly is so much more than what our eyes are seeing.
Happy Easter! Do something for Christ this Spring.

Love always,

Elder Jake Robins

Monday, March 23, 2015

When We Don't Fit In

Dear Family & Friends,

Who's ready for Spring?! Oh wait...that's all you guys have had! Well we had another snow storm, presumably the last of the season. Fingers crossed. I'm going to have to start making my emails my journal entries or vice versa...cause boy am I behind! Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking that I will be responsible for remembering every experience I have had on my mission, but then I realize that I don't think God would expect that of me, so I'm content with doing my best at recording as I go. 

Because it would be my last, Elder Bergman and I decided to go to transfers, even though neither of us were getting transferred. We did have a few things to pick up and definitely people to see, but I found out that ours is the only mission in the region that does transfers like we do where we all gather together at the mission office then meet our new comps and go to our new areas. It's kind of fun, but I was grateful not to have to be doubled over in anxiety about where I'd be my last transfer. 

I've thought a considerable amount about how we are all at different stages in this race we call life. For the Yi's they are at the beginning of an eternal covenant path back to our Heavenly Father, while others are still finding their way TO that path. We had a really hard time contacting or meeting with many of our investigators or new investigators this past week, it was frustrating. And I've been trying to get out of the habit of blaming myself for things not working out as we had hoped or planned. I understand the principle, it's really just a bout with my own mind. 

We did however, meet with Steve Donahue, less active man. He's a funny guy, the one that said, "repent now, beat the rush" [at judgement day]. He has gotten on that path but has strayed and we are doing our best to help him decide to get back on the path. We shared scriptures and just listened and I think sometimes that is the best thing to do. We had an incredible stake conference this past weekend and president Duckworth of the Stake Presidency talked about how we all have time where we feel like we don't fit in, even in the church. We don't have the right words to say, we don't have the same interests, for me it's church basketball. You could pay me $1000 and I still wouldn't enjoy it, but that doesn't make me less of a man or a person or a disciple of Christ. He counseled that perhaps what we need to do when others feel like they don't fit in is to just listen, try to understand, then empathize with them. As opposed to giving them a piece of our minds or putting them in their place or "losing our cool" as the Grinch would say. 

Our investigator Kevin has expressed to us that one reason he hasn't been coming to church is that he sincerely feels he just wouldn't fit in. So we listened and tried to put ourselves in his shoes, then testified of God's love which helped him see the bigger picture. We showed up to the Yi's and quickly learned that Sheila had had a terrible morning and the kids were not helping the situation, they had been fighting and causing her more stress. We just listened for like half an hour, tears were flowing from her eyes and I just felt compassion. We offered a priesthood blessing and laid our hands on her head. I've scarcely felt so much of God's love for one of His children. She needs help now to make it to the gate of the path toward eternal life. Perhaps sometimes she feels like she doesn't fit in because she's not yet a member. We all have different reasons. I find peace in the words of the Apostle Paul,

"Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God;" Ephesians 2:19 Paul is talking about the organization of the church and how it's purpose is to bring all of our differences and unique abilities together to make one great whole. That's the beauty of the kingdom of God. I know we are all part of something so much more than the eye can see. Help someone else feel that this week ;)

Love always,

Elder Jake Robins

Decorations put up for Easter by our investigator Kevin on his front window. He was very excited to show it to us. Made us smile.

Monday, March 16, 2015

"In Your Wilderness"

Hey Everyone! 

I feel to complain about typing on the iPad, ohhh wahhh, this takes forever! Then I think about Nephi and the Book of Mormon prophets who etched their words into golden plates. Yikes. There's a reason that wasn't me. Well more than A reason. Just before the Yi kids had their baptismal interviews, we were talking with Derek, we had to teach them 2x2 rather than all four at a time to keep them focused. Anyway we had Derek and Kyle or Soreena and we asked who Joseph Smith was. Derek responded "Mary's boyfriend?" Oh good heavens. Are we really teaching that poorly or have you been crying "squirrel!" Every time we sit down with you? Bless his heart. 

So Kerian, Soreena, Kyle, and Derek all got baptized yesterday. Kerian It was funny, elder Bergman baptized Soreena and you would have thought he was trying to make a wave pool out of the baptismal font! By golly he splashed a few drops over the glass and onto some child in the front row. Our recent convert came up to him after the baptism and said, "You're quite an aggressive dunker!" The first time she didn't go under all the way, so round two got her under. But amidst all the hyperactivity and craziness and Derek running around like a drunk Baffoon, there was a powerful Spirit in attendance and I have scarcely felt more love for that family. The relief society room was packed with members and non members. Kerian had 5 of her non member friends show up, Sheila had a sister and their family who drove over an hour to be there for the baptism. It was a great turnout, great talks and great Spirit. I was grateful for the whole day. And in fact I made an effort to make a list of 10 things I was grateful for yesterday. 7/10 were people. And I wasn't too surprised. 

We went on exchanges with Elder Moreira from Texas. He's a good kid and we had kind of a miracle exchange. We went to Sister Miller's par with a member named Zac and we were let in by a lady who introduced herself as Sandi. Made me miss my aunt! It's almost like she had been waiting for us as much as Sister Miller had. I had never met her, but felt some sort of connection with her. She asked about the Mormon faith and felt the Spirit during the lesson. Later we met two other boys in Norristown who sat down with us, were taught the ️Restoration and accepted baptismal dates right then and there. The next morning, I was talking with elder Moreira about the experience we had had and kind of analyzing it. 

We came to a point in that day where I had a decision to make, to either go see a family 30+ minutes away in Schwenky or follow the plans I had set the night before. We were stopping by potentials to clean out our area book. So of course the latter was a bit more appealing to me because I knew them. But I had absolutely no idea what to do, so I put my head on the steering wheel and we prayed. I felt to stick with the plans we had made. There was a potential named  Tawana that we found out no longer lived at said address. But before we left, I felt to invite a little further. These two 20 year old black guys let us right in, we taught a lesson and set them both with baptismal dates. They were really nice kids though and seemed interested. In my convo with Elder Moreira we talked about how these people we met may not progress toward baptism, they may not even keep their next appt. But it taught us both a powerful lesson that is hard to put into words. God expects us to trust Him and listen to and follow His Spirit. I know that He will prepare who He will prepare, and it is our duty to BE prepared to receive them.

In Sacrament Meeting, brother Swenson gave an interesting and rather moving talk about the path our lives take. He referenced Alma 34 where Amulek teaches of the importance of sincere prayer. After listing multiple places and circumstances in which we should pray, he says "But this is not all; ye must pour out your souls in your secret places and  in your wilderness."  This is one of those phrases that is sloughed off and skipped over I'd imagine. But theres some profound meaning behind it. God knows we all have those dark corners of our mind where we have thoughts or memories or sins or anything that haunt us. We do our best to keep it all at bay, because I think in our loneliest moments we are vulnerable, we are in that wilderness. Being in the wilderness alone does not sound fun to me. No amount of scout camp's infamous wilderness survival training will be sufficient for what we're talking about here. Perhaps there's a reason Amulek gives a whole sermon primarily on prayer. Because in those moments of isolation or fear or temptation, when you are "in your wilderness" there really is no where to turn BUT to God. What a profound truth that has been solidified again and again in this crazy awesome experience we call a mission.  Love you all, smile big and reach out this week!

Elder Jake Robins

It's blurry and we look a little special. But smiles! 

Derek is in between us. Then from left to right in the back is Seung-joon (Shawn-dad), Soreena, Sheila, Kyle, Kerian, Lisa-With Justin, their brother Justin, Shawn-brother, family friend whose name I forgot.

Monday, March 9, 2015

In the Glorious Cause of Truth

Dear Family and Friends,

Gee, I kind of feel like I'm writing an obituary, dear family just
sounds so formal. This week was like the two books I wrote in 2nd
grade. Jake's terrible, awful, no good, very bad day. Combined with
the more optimistic, Jake's Wonderful, amazing something something (I
forget the adjectives and it's going to sound dumb anyway) day. It was
awful but amazing at the same time. And I learned so much I couldn't
fit it in my dad's latest hit, "Off Kilter" by none other than Glen
Robins. Props to you dad, I'm so proud to call you dad. Not just
because you just got your first book published, but because you're a
man. A man of honesty and integrity and virtue. A man for good. A man
for God. I would not be here today if it weren't for you and your
beautiful companion guiding me along the strait and narrow. Thank you
both for your example to us all.

Oh and to get the plug in, read his book! I hear it's good, but I
won't know for another month or two! Yikes that is creeping up on me.
I remember sitting down in interviews with my first mission President
Schaefermeyer and telling him I would really really miss the temple. I
don't know what it is, but I just have a special place in my heart for
the temple. And so I knew not going for two years would be tough.
"Well Elder Robins" he said sternly, "you better start looking for a
family right away, cause you're not going to be here when the
Philadelphia temple is finished." I took it to heart. Well I never
found the family in time, but the Lord provided another opportunity
for me to get to the temple on my mission. Our mission goal this year
is actually for every missionary to get to the temple once a month
with a recent convert or reactivated member for baptisms or
endowments. I immediately latched on to the goal even though I had two
transfers left. So I prayed and I prayed and on Thursday or so, we got
a text from our RC Anastasia who had her recommend and everything
ready to go for this Saturday to do baptisms, and the text said that
she had to work on Saturday. I was crushed. I was so angry. I was
questioning why I even had faith to pray that we'd be able to go with
her. And yeah I know that was bad on my part. That was the same day we
were stuck inside with the cars grounded as we watched 7 inches of
snow fall to the ground. By far our biggest storm yet. But it killed
the work that day. This ain't a walking area. Gave me a little time to
catch up which was nice though.

So that text came on a dumper day which just added to frustrations.
Well the next morning, Friday comes and a recent convert of almost a
year, Patrice, texts and asks if we're still good to meet at the
Valley Forge famous Mormon- owned ice cream  shop, Zwahlen's. We
answered in the affirmative and told  her to come with her family account set up. Well we get there and get on her profile
and try to find her dads parents. Her dad is Hispanic, and bless their
hearts they're not the best at keeping records or doing family
history, and it seemed just about hopeless. But we decided to try her
moms side. The words of a beloved hymn came to mind as we helped her
find her ancestors, #243 Let us All Press On "an unseen hand will aid
me and you in the glorious cause of truth." I kid you not there was
some sort of divine guidance in that hour long meeting with Patrice.
Neither of us knew what we were doing, I just thought I'd press a few
buttons, but somehow it all worked out. I called up the family history
consultant in the ward and got some tips on printing the names to take
to the temple. I don't know how we did it, but our fingers were guided
to a little green temple symbol of a couple on her mom's side who
hadn't had their work done yet. We just about flipped a table we were
so excited! She was just beaming with the Spirit of Elijah. She
printed them in the back office and came out and I got a caramel apple
to celebrate. Best caramel apples I've had btw. Maybe besides those
famous huge ones the Hart family would give out around Christmas.

So the next morning, Saturday we drove the 2 1/2 hours to the DC
temple. She and Jason both loved it. I loved it and felt filled.
Yesterday was beautiful too. Many people came to church, like almost
as many as we had in Philly. I love seeing investigators at church.
You know they are at least trying to progress if they're at least
making it to church on Sunday. Oh I went on exchanges with elder Owen
in West Chester and we had a straight up ice storm. Ice is so much
worse than snow. Four wheel drive ain't gonna do diddly squat on ice.
But it was kind of fun it was like every outdoor surface was just
glazed over, kind of pretty looking. Pretty but deadly. I got to use
some of my Spanish because part of that Ward is Spanish. It was a good
exchange and he's a good kid who actually roomed with Aden Hales at

We are preparing the Yi kids for baptism this week. I love love love
this family. We've all got our problems and deal with them in
different ways, but the gospel is the only lasting real answer. Elder
Bergman said last night that a lot of times we see our trials as cages
that we are locked in, when in reality they're often more like hugging
and holding tight to a thorn bush. That's pretty true. Maybe not every
trial, but many. May we ever remember the beautiful words of the
Apostle Paul "We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us."
Romans 8:35-37

I know that is true. Look to Him and His gospel and look up. It will
all work out. I love you all!

(Jake's first selfie?)

(No caption included, but it looks like both eggs had 2 yolks? Significant moment for Jake apparently)