Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fishers of Men

Dear Family and friends,

Well, I've had a rough week and really it's been a rough experience
all together. I'm going to talk to President about coming home early.
I think I've had enough.

April Fool's!! Ha no in all reality it was a pretty tough week, lots
more rain and winds of adversity. What's with this east coast weather?
Or really everywhere's weather. Signs of the times, I'm tellin' ya. We
had a day or two where we were walking around most of the day just
soaking wet. Cold. Not too happy, but still willing to work hard.  But
we powered through it. Christ went through so much more for each of
us, can't we endure what little personal Gethsemane's come our way? It
was a tough week but a great week in terms of the work.

On our way home from North AC one night, the same day the shooting
happened earlier downtown...awkward...no mom, I didn't get shot. Yes
we were walking home, but no we probably weren't in any danger.
Anyways, while we were walking a lady walking in front of us turned
and asked if we were Mormons, so we replied in the affirmative and
walked away. No, ha we jumped on the opportunity to talk and invite!
Another lady and her 10 year old daughter named Dayanna were walking
near her too, and the daughter asked "what is a missionary!?!" So when
we told her, she started jumping up and down and said " I wanna hear a
message about Jesus!" So we set up a day and time for this week to
meet with her and her mom Diane.

Klawmey Meh (clue-may), the mom of one of the Burmese families, came
to church again this Sunday. She said her husband and kids didn't feel
well and that's why they weren't there. But she is such a trooper, she
can't understand a lick of English, let alone the Spanish that is
being thrown around in top of that at church. We really are taking
this one step at a time, with a small branch presidency that's willing
to help and fellowship, but just as lost in terms of how to
communicate! The members that we skype in to our lessons also
translate for GC, so we showed her one of the 5 or 6 talks from last
conference that was translated in Burmese. We're all exhausted by the
end of church. We had invited and confirmed that about 10 of our
investigators and one less active would be showing up. Only Klawmey
came....but that's how it goes.
I want so badly for these people to progress so that they can be truly
happy in the gospel. But it seems that my timing is rarely the Lords
timing. Our other investigators are doing well and we have a busy week
ahead of us teaching, doubling in to Cape May sisters area, etc.

We had a powerful lesson with a woman named Pam whom Elder Facuri
found on exchanges. We walked in with Elder and Sister Johnson (who
work in Cape May) and sat down on Pam's floor, about 10 minutes later,
half way through the plan of Salvation, Pam's friend Derrick walked in
and gladly sat in on the lesson. We had a great discussion about the
purpose of life and how a relationship with Jesus Christ will bring us
happiness. Pam had said that right as we walked in she just got this
good feeling, so she knew that what we were saying was true. It was
amazing to see how the Spirit prepared her to accept the invitation
that I extended to her to be baptized in May. But I want more than
anything for these dates that we set to be more than just a date that
passes with nothing happening, more than just a statistic. These are
GOD'S CHILDREN.!! They all deserve a chance to come unto Christ.

Christ taught His apostles apostles that if they truly wanted to
follow Him, they would have to "leave their nets" and then He could
make them fishers of men. So much joy can come from being in the
service of God and Jesus Christ, but we can be doing it just half way,
or only part of the time. Leave your nets may mean to drop anything
that is keeping you from being a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ,
could be doubts, sin, worldly pleasures, there really are more
important things out there. I realized this week that I shouldn't just
obey the many rules of the mission because I have to. I should obey
because I love Him. Come, follow ME. And do it because you love ME.

18 ¶And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon
called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for
they were fishers.19 And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will
make you fishers of men. 20 And they straightway left their nets, and
followed him.
(Matthew 4:18-22)

Love always,

Elder Jake Robins

Ps: Mom, blue or khaki, thanks. Happy Birthday Dallin! Big 18!!! And
happy GOLDEN birthday Ty! Eat lots of cake for me!

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