Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Circle of Life

Well it's been another wonderful week in the life of a disciple of
Jesus Christ! How true this work is! Every day it seems that I gain
more testimony and understanding of how this really is the ONE true
church on the earth. And working with our Boss investigator Benito, I
realized even more how blessed we are to have the truth we have.
Benito is in his 50's and has been on the streets and lived the street
life and has since been trying to overcome some things, but he
recognizes that we have what he needs TO overcome.

He is progressing like no other I've had on my mission. Within four
days of receiving his copy of the Book of Mormon, he read up to 1
Nephi 14, he studies the Joseph Fielding Smith RS/ Priesthood manual
along with the pamphlets. He was talking to his dad on the phone about
our invitation to him to get baptized. When we explained that all
other churches have good intentions, but lack God's authority to
baptize, he said it totally made sense and he'd be fine with being
rebaptized by the priesthood. He was the most active in both the
classes that we taught at church Sunday school and RS/
Priesthood...the class consisted of 6 including us, but we had good

So it felt like the earlier hours of each of the days this past week
were super slow and I swear we would just walk and walk and walk up
and down AC like the pioneers...of sin city. Talking to people,
picking up change on the ground, and telling stories along the way.
But last week on pday we were walking on part of the AC
boardwalk...don't worry it's not thaaaat warm yet...and a lady named
Jesusette walked up to me and started asking what role Jesus Christ
plays in getting to God. We went with Elder & Sister Johnson later in
the week to teach her and it was an amazing lesson. The Spirit was so
strong and her understanding grew as we discussed the divine role of
our Savior. It's a blessing to have the iPad and be able to pull up
the videos that so powerfully bring the Spirit into the lessons. We
really do get to go teaching with the apostles!

Another awesome miracle this week as we scheduled time to go up to
Brigantine which is a disconnected island just north of AC. It's about
40% year round residents...so we run into a lot of summer homes and
rentals until June or so. There was a less active that we were trying
to contact. The house was completely vacant so we tried next door. We
met a young man named Kelvin from Ghana, he let us right in and we
taught the Restoration. The Spirit was present and he was prepared to
accept the baptismal date we set for him in early June. "The worth of
souls is great in the sight of God...how great shall be your joy if
you bring many souls unto me." D&C 18:10-16. I want more than anything
now to help someone Come unto Christ all the way to baptism and
confirmation. Because I know it is true, I have that desire to share

Pam is also progressing well and she just eats up the Book of Mormon
and loves how it clarifies and helps her understand the Bible. What a
powerful spirit that woman has. Yesterday for pday we went to the Cape
May County Zoo with the Spanish elders. The one lion they had, which I
named Mufasa, had arthritis and all this medical jazz, he's on his way
out. I wanted to start singing the Circle of Life.

So where are you in that Circle of Life? Are you making your short
time here on earth count? I promise that Christ is the answer to all
the unfairness, all the sorrow and pain, everything that we'll ever go
through. He is the answer. And how great shall be our joy if we come
unto Him. I love you all and thank you sincerely for your support.

Fun facts:
-it is illegal to buy/sell alcohol on the island of ocean city.
-AC has the highest human trafficking rate in the nation

"No matter what circumstances we are in, our success is determined by
our commitment to JESUS CHRIST."

Elder Jake Robins

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