Monday, November 25, 2013

What's in a Name?

Happy Thanksgiving Family and Friends! Oh and, remember to actually give thanks. A member in church said November on Facebook is great because for 30 days out of the year, people stop complaining about their lives and will actually show some gratitude for the blessings they have been given.
So this week, I was tracing my nametag onto a sheet of paper with colored pencil. Then I did something I hadn't really done before, though I've had the nametag for 7 months now. I looked at my last name, and for some reason, I was overcome with this joy and reassurance that I am making my mark as part of a marvelous legacy. What does a name carry or entail? R-O-B-I-N-S. Nothing out of the ordinary(besides the fact that the majority of those with the same last name out there insist on spelling it with 2 "b's" instead of the proper, one. hehe) But I thought about all my ancestors that I don't really know, and those that I do. I thought about the incredible men and women they were and are and the impact they had in this world. We may not be utterly famous, but we are strong and I feel I have much reason to be proud of the name I carry. It is my hope that I will add to the legacy and the impact that my eternal family has so beautifully left.
This week was kind of tough in terms of being able to contact and teach investigators and finding new people. It was just slow. And the bitterly cold wind didn't help. One night in particular, we had been to Cardin's house 2x because he loves to annoy us by not answering his phone (I know, I know, I'm not the best at it either..) So we were just trying to contact him. The last time we knocked, for some reason I just couldn't take it anymore. As we walked down the steps and to the car, I kind of screamed and Gahhhhhh!!! and let it out. I think I had just had so much pent up frustration and everyone says there's a breaking point on your mission where you just kind of well, break. And it's at that moment that you really turn yourself over to the Lord. Well I don't know that I was quite there per se, but yeah I was not a happy camper. We got in the car and I was thinking, "Ugh, let's just go get a f'real>" But wanting to be diligent and continue to work hard for another hour before going in, I didn't say anything. Then Elder Rabe said "I'm almost thinking, let's just go get f'real's" (really good milkshakes that come in a plastic cup and you blend at the gas station store where they're sold). Almost in disbelief of the non-"coincidence" I responded "That's exactly what I was thinking." "I'll buy" he said. "Deal."
I don't know what it was about that ice cream or just the whole scene, but I felt the love of my Savior in the moment. This work is so demanding and exhausting and there are times when the natural man in me just wants to give up and give in. Just go home early. We're not going to find anyone anyway. It's too cold. yada yada yada. All that stored up negativety. So healthy! Right? Let's be real. Satan's potentially most powerful tool against us is discouragement. he will do all in his limited power to bring us to the "gulf of misery and endless wo" (aka despair and discouragement and sin) hel 5:12. And I'm sure we've all been there, or perhaps we are there. I just want to say There is a way out. Jesus Christ, no ordinary man. but the Savior and Redeemer of the World. I know this to be true because I have felt His power in my life. Turn to Him and the doubts and fears of this world can melt away. No your trials may not disappear, but as I experienced this week, we can be strengthened in times of need.
Last Monday, before we went over to have Sister Hengst cut our hair, she texted us saying "Do you want me to cook you up some pancakes and fried pot?" So we were like....ummm, Sister Hengst? Do we need to have a lesson on the Word of Wisdom? Her phone had auto corrected to pot for potatoes. Guess ya had to be there. So we saw Zack once this past week which was kind of tough because that gives the adversary quite a bit of time to move in on people. Which sounds weird, but we have to work so hard to help keep these beloved children of God moving toward their Savior and not the opposite direction. He has to work over time til after the holidays because the Amazon warehouse is in its peak season. Which is great that he's making money, but he gets home on sunday morning at like 3 am and would have to stay up til 10 am to make it to church. So you see the dilemma. Similar problem with other investigators. But the Lord is truly blessing us with miracles. We helped John and Rebecca get ready to move to Seattle earlier this morning and will go to their house for dinner in a bout 10 minutes. Such a good family, I hope and pray that the Lord will prepare their hearts and lives to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they can feel the joy of being an eternal family.
We had Zone Conference on Friday and it was beautifully uplifting and there seems to be an incredible Spirit, it's like an army of missionaries going to battle with the sword of the Spirit. The thing that really struck me was when the assistants had everyone in the chapel be completely still. No clicking of pens or rustling or anything. Just being still. Words can't really describe how I felt. Immense peace and joy, and my thoughts went to the Savior, gentle and loving and kind. Always there to comfort us. And what is His motive. I love Mosiah 28:3 Charity is our motive. Thanksgiving won't be a filipino feast afterall because they cancelled, so we will just have top ramen and toast. It'll be fine. no Im kidding. We'll be fed. Love you all and remember to give thanks always. Alma 7:23 Think to thank. Always. We have so much to be grateful for. And I'm grateful for all of you.
Love always,
Elder Robins

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