Monday, November 4, 2013


think anyone lives here?

Ceremonial "burning of the tie" for my 6 months mark...don't worry, it's not a Mr. Mac tie.

Blurry me and miguel.  So Miguel owns chicken houses. I was excited before I saw it, but this was just a jaw dropper. So he has one one story building, and a newer two story. Each level holds 95,000 chickens X3=240,000 chickens. That's a lot of feathers! He raises them to four months then another dealer takes them. 25 tons of feed in 3 days. a huge semi full of chicken droppings filled in 2-3 days. Like, it's nuts. Miguel is just the bomb too. Such a nice man and so patient with my terrible spanglish.  Feathers flying everywhere when we would walk by, the chickens would freak out and start quacking like maniacs.

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