Monday, December 9, 2013

Groups of 3 (missionaries), let them be

Dearest Family and Friends,
My companion is laughing at the Subject line...Well transfers are tomorrow in Broomall, and we got the calls Friday night, expecting Elder Rabe to be transferred out of the area as well as Sister Bischoff. Nope, they decided to switch it up a little. We will be in a "tripanionship" or trio this coming transfer. I don't know whether to be nervous, ticked or excited. So I''ve kind of been all 3. So has Elder Rabe. And we'll find out tomorrow who the lucky Elder is. I just know that the Lord knows what He's doing and trust that there is a wise purpose behind this change.
What an eventful week it has been though. Much of our time wentp to helping the Sister's investigator family, the Cook's, prepare for baptism this past Sunday. It's a mother and her 3 teenage kids. They are seriously soooo prepared. Like the boys are already planning to go to BYU and go on missions. But they are willing to live and embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ. Such a wonderful family with so much potential. And the reason they started meeting with the Sisters was because they went to a cousin's baptism and were just overwhelmed with the Spirit. So Elder Rabe and I and Elder_______ will work hard to find that family.
I am convinced that Josh and his 4 kids may be that family. He recently went through what seems to be a pretty nasty divorce. So when we taught him the Plan of Salvation, he was brought to tears at the thought of lasting peace. It was an incredible lesson and his member kind-of girlfriend (but don't tell the kids!) Jessica was also brought to tears. The Spirit was sweet and strong as we discussed the purpose of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And right on queue, as I talked about His suffering and bleeding on the cross, I felt my nose drip, and knew it wasn't a runny nose. Perfect timing! So we ran to the kitchen called the ambulance for my nosebleed and got it all cleaned up. Just kidding on the ambulance. I just thought it was kind of ironic that I started bleeding during that part of the lesson. 
Sunday was one of the most spiritually uplifting, fun, busy Sundays I've had on the mission. We sat down for Sacrament meeting with Jackie sitting behind us, so we were happy that she made it. But  we had invited like 8 people, so I was a little bummed, so I decided to pray. Then Josh showed up in his Navy uniform (he's in the Navy reserves) and Carlos( lives near us on Main Street and was set on coming to church) came in a nice sweater and smile on his face. It was just wonderful. Right after the Sacrament was administered, Jackie said" I like the way this church does things" and I felt that although we would be kind of running around all day, I could trust the members and moreso the Spirit to take care of them and teach and touch their hearts. The three of them stayed at the baptism.
The daughter, Jewel had asked that I baptize her. So, even though I didn't teach her, I got to perform the baptism for her which was incredible. As I said the prayer and lowered her into the water, I felt the Spirit witness to me and I'm sure to her, that this was the Lord's will for her and that He recognized her decision to be baptized. So although it wasn't "my" baptism, it was a moving experience. Elder Rabe and I played the beautiful arrangement of "It came upon a midnight Clear" with him on the violin. It was the arrangement Danville 1st ward choir did last year and I had fallen in love with it. Many members thanked us for the Spirit that the piece brought into the meeting. And I played the opening and closing hymns for Sacrament (shout out to Sister Reed and Sister Carsten, thanks for your training!)We also accompanied Sister Bradshaw on I Know that My Redeemer Lives. I know this Gospel is true because I have felt His loving embrace. I love you all.  We got snow yesterday, 2 inches. Very wet and heavy. Slipping around with our low traction tires. That was fun. Alma 7
ELder Robins

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