Monday, January 12, 2015

They Pray and They Go

Dear Family and Friends,

Time flies when you're serving the Lord! I'm sure I'll say that again in about 3 1/2 months. Don't want to talk about it. The only thing I have to do is to just keep working. Giving it my all. I have really come to love it here. The members are so kind and generous and missionary minded. They don't get offended or frustrated when we bring up member missionary work or ask them about their 2015 family mission plans and goals. Btw, I would encourage all of you to sit down together and make a plan to invite someone to learn about the restored gospel. Gospel conversations are good and important, but they won't go anywhere until an invitation is made. Do what Clayton M. Christensen does and decouple your friendship or what not from the invitation. I promise if you take these goals and plans to the Lord, He will use you to bring souls unto Christ this year.

Elder Eldredge and I were feeling much better this week, just my usual lingering cough. But we kept working and saw some miracles this week. Several weeks ago just before Christmas we stopped by the Yi family in the Ward. When we were planning one night, I was scrolling through the list of members and for some reason their name stuck out to me. So I just put it in for the next day. Well we stopped by last week for the second time and The mom, Sheila told us that the day before we came last time she and her daughter had been talking about how the daughter wanted to find direction in her life. The mom suggested they go to church, as they hadn't been in years. The very next day we knocked on their door. I love how God knows what He's doing. He's just got us all mapped out. Some may go astray, but fear not, He's provided a way for them too to come back to the fold. 

So Sheila has two sons that were baptized years ago in Valley Forge 2nd Ward, but she was never baptized because she's living with their father and they're not married. And she has a few more younger kids that are over the age of 8 and not baptized. They really just seemed thrilled that we were there. And I mean, we'll see where we go with this. But there is so much potential here with this family. And they are looking for the light of the gospel! 

Anastasia is progressing beautifully towards her baptism on the 25th. She asks great questions and is practically Mormon already. She wants a calling in primary. She is doing work on to get names ready for baptisms for the dead right after her baptism (we can now go with recent converts to the temple to do baptisms for the dead to Manhattan or D.C. Her parents and a sister and friend and others are all coming from NY for her baptism. Her friend Jessica, who referred her to the missionaries is just so excited. Oh we are stoked for her! 

So Elder Eldredge and I were just walking through the mall in King of Prussia and we walked by one of those small vendors in the big corridors and there were these pillows where the case was made of bamboo fibers or something. So me, being the very tactile, touchy person I am had to get my cushiony fill for the day. I pushed my hand in the pillow and the young lady sales rep started trying to sell it to us. She assumed we worked somewhere in the mall because of our nametags, so she offered a discount. I was sold! $150 pillow! Thanks mom and dad! Jk but she asked where we worked so we gave our shpeel and found out she is a Christian in a Muslim family. She is LIBERIAN and lives right off 67th street in my last area in Philly! So crazy. So I took her info, and gave her Elder Parker and Elder Cottle's info (both our last companions) and talked for a minute about the plan of salvation. She's had questions and sounded interested in learning more. Gotta love missionary work. 

The week before last we had a zone training on Thursday we talked about fulfilling our purpose successfully as missionaries. We also talked about Alma 7:13-16 and how important it is to just let go of our petty little sins or our fears. Sometimes we just need to let go of our past. Not doing so keeps the Atonement from having its full effect in our lives. And it's hard and painful. But it needs to happen. Elder Eldredge had done this before, so we bought a white helium-filled balloon for each missionary in the zone and provided sharpies for each of them to write things that they want to let go of. So they pray in their hearts and then they go. Go on with their lives growing and learning and becoming all that they're meant to become.

Then we walked outside and on the count of three we let our balloons go. A few sisters were in tears because of the spiritual experience with a simple white balloon, symbolizing the laying aside of our sins. It was a miraculous moment. Bright sunny day too. I felt the power of Christ's a Atonement and I hope we were all strengthened by that. I know this work is true. If you don't believe me, muster up the humility to get on your knees and ask. Try God. See if He will hold to His promises. He has for me. I love you all, have a wonderful week!

Elder Jacob Robins
Now I have to include my first name. Congrats Dallin! Start strong, finish strong.

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