Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One Eternal Round

Dear Family and Friends,

Holy Hot it has been soo humid this week, I feel like I've been
swimming all week. I've wanted to call President and just be like, Hey
we're already swimming in sweat, can we just jump in a pool?...but
rules are rules. Ha. Besides that it has been an incredible week. For
some reason the weeks here have been crawling, but our days are just
packed, which is good.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder
Madsen who came out the same time as me. We were actually comps in the
MTC for a day. He's a great Elder with a good heart, and I learned
more from him than I could or should write. Almost all of the plans he
had made for the day fell through, but he made a poignant comment that
I hadn't really thought of before. "It seems that when exchanges fall
through, God puts us together because there's something we need to
teach each other."

One of the biggest things I came to understand that the course of
God's plan for us is all one eternal round as mentioned in 1 Nephi
10:19. Everyone we work with is at a different stage in their eternal
progression. Agatha took 42 years to get to the point where she is
willing to accept and live all of Gods commandments. Others we meet on
the street are still being prepared but are wonderful. I hate to cut
it so short, but I've got a meeting with the Bishop and missionaries
tonight. We have 3 companionships and a senior couple in the ward and
it's been so much fun. I pray that we will all have the perspective to
see that God wants ALL of His children to return home to Him. Whether
or not they believe in Him, He wants them home. I know this to be true
and will work as hard as I can to help God do exactly that.

Love you all, have a fantastic week.

Elder Jake Robins

Y'all know Im an organ nerd. Well I don't think it's any coincidence that God put me in the mission with the two largest pipe organs in the world. And one was in my area, the other is in my zone! And I got to see and hear it today! Such a nerd, sorry for those of you who just don't care haha.
City Hall, the largest city hall building in the world apparently. and the largest building whose interior walls are not load bearing. 

The Wanamaker Organ has 29,000 pipes, about 4,000 fewer than the huge organ I saw in Atlantic City. But this organ is the largest fully working organ in the world. And it has just about all the bells and whistles you could imagine. We heard the recital at 12 pm and our jaws were open. Talked to the organist and said he knew Richard Elliott from MoTab...and that he had played this very organ several times. 

Little plaque about the Organ

Had to stop and get an original pretzel from the city where pretzels were invented!

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