Tuesday, May 13, 2014

There IS a God

Hey Family and Friends!

I hope everyone had a marvelous Mother's Day. I studied a little bit
about motherhood and mothers yesterday and what a sacred and divine
calling that really is. So many people don't comprehend the gravity of
being able to create physical bodies for our Heavenly Father's spirit
children. Here in the center of all the world has to offer, it seems
that the only satisfaction the world finds is from those fleeting,
momentary sources of worldly pleasure. Take smoking for example.

Benito started the 7-day 15 daily step Stop Smoking Program where he
has to do things like drink unsweetened raw grapefruit juice and use
cinnamon toothpaste after every meal, etc. It's a tough process, but
if they are completely committed they will be successful in turning
off ALL triggers that make them want to smoke. I think he's smoked
once or twice since starting, but he is so on board and wants to go
teaching with us and just fill his day with uplifting things that will
help him get away from temptation. He reads the Gospel Principles
manual as well as the Book of Mormon. We're really just praying for a
miracle in his continued progression and eventual baptism.

I got to thinking about how it's so easy to walk down the street or
hallway or wherever and judge people based on what meets the eye. Too
fat, too thin, too ugly, too buff, too scrawny, we could go on and on
about how the majority of the world does meet Hollywood's standards of
excellence in terms of Human Worth. What's the point? Why does it all
matter?... (I apologize for writing more of a novel rather than the
exciting stories that you all want to hear. But this is i guess
therapeutic for me and faster than writing in my journal.) I want so
badly to be able to walk down the street and see people for their
spiritual, eternal worth. Yeah I'm sure it's great to be good looking
or have money or cars or fame, but it's so so much infinitely better
to have the simple, pure knowledge that "I am a CHILD OF GOD" His love
feels better and is worth more than all the world has to offer. I've
felt a glimpse of that love as we witnessed more of His children
seeking His truth.

We go to McDonald's sometimes to sync our iPads and come upon
some...interesting people, who are probably not in the best places
that they COULD be in. One such man walked up to us as a group of
missionaries in the parking lot of McYuck's and started talking to us.
He asked us what we do, if he could have change, ya know, the usual. A
little "rough around the edges" if you know what I mean. Then in his
drunken voice he exclaims, "Well, ya'll are welcome at my place any
"Oh k, yeah we'd love to stop by sometime and share our message with
you! Where you at?"
"County Jail."

.... Didn't know how much he was joking but we sure got a chuckle out
of that one. Then later in the week we had Zone Conference in Broomall
at the mission office. 6 Zones with close to 150 missionaries it was
sweet. A tangible power in numbers. Dr. and Sister Dunn who live in
the Columbus Ohio mission (but cover medical stuff for like 12
missions) spoke and it was pretty incredible. They talked a lot about
how the condition of our physical bodies (stress illness etc.) result
in a sick spirit and vice versa. So keeping those to aspects of our
lives in harmony with each other help us to be not only healthy but
happy. Word of wisdom, law of Chastity...it all makes sense! The
Spirit of God will be with us when we're obeying.

Miracles this week: We stopped by several old potentials on wednesday
and talked to some neighbors and family of those we weren't able to
contact. One such man was outside on his porch, seeming to be
pondering life. Big, young black man named Eddie whose sister had met
missionaries before. We introduced ourselves and taught a mini
restoration to him right there. Then we had him read Moroni's promise
in Moroni10:4-5. I think we each felt the Spirit, and after reading he
looked up and said, "you know I felt it when you guys walked up and
when I read that. It feels like you guys have the truth. " I replied
softly, "And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of
ALL things." We taught him again with the Johnson's and he again just
confirmed that he felt the truth. He and his uncle Alan both accepted
a baptismal date for June. I want so badly for these people to
progress ALL THE WAY. We are working hard and miracles are happening,
but what a miracle it would be to see investigators in the waters of

Pam and Derrick also both accepted baptismal dates for June and Pam's
niece left our lesson on Saturday holding the Book of Mormon tight to
her chest and proclaiming it to be hers. She felt the Spirit so much
in the lesson that she really just didn't want to put the book down.
We will hopefully meet with her again this week. Pam came to church
and loved the little Mother's Day program our branch president put
together. It was a rough morning for me and I was stressed out and
everyone knew it. I just felt alone and wanted to fall apart and cry.
I wanted just to hug my mom. I walked into the room with the sisters
eating their Mother's Day stuff and told them that we don't always
know what the next day will bring or how we'll even get through it.
But I remembered the words and example of my own faithful mother,
Trust in God, listen to His Spirit, and it will ALL work out. I choked
up and barely got it out, but the Spirit was so strong and I felt the
love of my Heavenly Father. And even though I felt so incredibly
alone, I felt to proclaim as Nephi, "There IS a God!" 2 Nephi 2:14.
Each day brings it's roses and thorns as we all know. But take a step
back, I promise that there really is a God. He has a plan. Get through
this life, but do it WITH His help. There's no other way. He loves
you. Trust Him and keep going, I AM!

Love always and happy Mother's Day,

Elder Jake Robins

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Ps I saw the worlds largest pipe organ last Tuesday. No biggie. Pps,
mom and dad, we should start doing what Elder Ballard suggested in his
last conference address, reading Preach My Gospel together.

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