Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hey Family and Friends!

The transfer is over and we are heading into summer. Yay for humidity!
Elder Seeley and I were sure one of us would be leaving. But The Lord
needs us both here again and I mean it's AC....beaches during the
summer...not just any missionary would serve here during the summer.
Hehe obedience!!!
Swimming once a transfer, right? Oh wait! Fun fact the population of
just AC year round people (not including the other cities on the
island) is about 38,000. Pretty low, right? Danville is bigger! But
this month the population will jump to 1/4 million. Nuts! It is also
illegal to buy or sell alcohol on the island of Ocean City. Bummer, I

We were driving through lower AC and ocean city earlier and can I just
say dang it's going to be tough serving here in the peak of summer!
Gahhh! Definitely can't be on the boardwalk anymore!

So we contacted Benito once last week! We're pretty worried about him.
He is struggling so much with the stop smoking program that he didn't
even answer our calls or texts this past week. His body and mind are
reacting badly to the lack of nicotine, so he gets moody and doesn't
want to be around people for fear that he'll snap in front of them. He
had so much member support and encouragement and read his scriptures
and everything. But just as he said, Satan is not going out (of his
life) without a fight. And he sometimes won't answer his door...why
does there always have to be so much opposition against God's choicest
spirits like Benito.

On a good, happy note, we've been in contact with some sisters in salt
lake about a lady named Dotty who became interested in the church a
while back when Mitt Romney was running. She was impressed by what a
Bishop said on TV that those who don't hear the gospel in his life
will have the chance in the next. They've been teaching her a bit over
the phone and we finally met her in person this past week. She 73 and
has health issues up the wazoo, but sweetest lady you'd ever meet. She
has such a yearning for learning, especially about the gospel. It
wasn't easy for her, but she came to church yesterday and just loved
it. By the time our 3rd hour Sacrament Meeting came though she was in
too much pain and a member drove her back home. But she was in tears
as we discussed how she would be able to see the son she miscarried at
7 months again. She loves our emphasis on eternal families. And read
up to 1 Nephi 15 since Friday. 7 hours. She couldn't put it down. Book
worm for the Book of Mormon!

We got to teach Francis on Facebook a few times this past week and
Dallin helped out a lot with one of those lessons. It was a touching
moment to watch my brother testify of the power of repentance and the
atonement and to be able to work together a little to bring souls unto
Christ. Francis loves reading, may have trouble when it comes to
giving up the lifestyles of the world, but he's got a good heart and
is fun to teach.

We are praying and fasting and discussing a lot about our Burmese
investigators. Brother Swan, 2nd counselor in Branch Pres. Is pretty
much over the English branch and is concerned about these people. Will
they be ready for baptism? Do they really understand what is being
taught? Sometimes we feel like Kluemay just lets us in because they
don't know how to say NO. Haha, but they expressed a desire to follow
Jesus Christ by being baptized. Vai Sikahema, stake president, is from
Tonga so hopefully he will have some pointers when he comes to our
Sacrament Meeting this week.

We werent able to neet with Pam at all last week, we didnt even see
her. Our schedules didnt line up and she'll text us and be like "When
can i see you again luvs, I need yall's anointing." I would love to
see these choice spirits follow Christ's example down into the waters
of baptism. We are working hard to help them get there.

On Friday the Johnson's came with us to teach Joe Ruple about the law
of tithing. It sounded like he'll have a bit of trouble paying that at
first, but beyond that we don't really know what's holding him back
from getting baptized. We also taught Kelvin(16 year old from Ghana)
and he has been talking to his friends about the Book of Mormon. The
Johnson's took elder Seeley and I out to dinner that night. they go
teaching with us about once a week cause they like us.

I have gained such a great appreciation for my Heavenly Father's
perfect mercy. I work with imperfect people, including myself and
other missionaries, who all make mistakes. We are learning HOW to be
obedient. So just like learning to ride a bike, we are going to slip
and fall. But as parents do to their children, God picks us up, dusts
us off and sends us on our way to try again. Such is the way of life.
A sister gave a beautiful talk in Spanish Sacrament Meeting that I
didn't understand. But, a line of her testimony stuck with me and
touched me. (Forgive me if it's not proper Spanish). Agradezco por la
Expiación de Jesucristo. I am thankful for the Atonement of Jesus
Christ. I think more than ever before, I am learning to love language
and how thoughts are expressed. It's beautiful.

We are all broken. Benito, Pam, Joe, the Burmesians, Dotty, you, Elder
Seeley, your coworker, ME. Would we have this gospel if God didn't
like working with broken things? I don't think so. Change happens over
time and by consistently living those pure and simple principles. And
just watch, every day you will see miracles, small and large, if you
will but "Follow Him."

Love you all, stay strong.

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Facetiming the family on Mother's Day

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