Monday, February 24, 2014

Tender Mercies of the Lord

Hi Family and Friends!

We had a beautiful weekend with high 50s and 60s, which we are hoping
is more than just a teaser of spring! It's been quite the winter, so
the sunshine and warmth has been readily welcomed! I went on exchanges
twice this past week, so it feels like i didn't even have a full week.
Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Spackman (zone leader) in
Dover. Their ward and area is doing well, so we had appts all night.
He's from the San Diego, so we talked about surfing and I told him I'm
pretty much a pro..except not really since I've only been like thrice.
But he and I talked a lot about what could potentially be done to help
Smyrna. We know this ward fast in March will bring about many miracles
in terms of missionary work here. But for the time being we continue
to exercise faith and strive to do the Lords will in bringing His
children to the truth.

On Thursday and Friday I went on another exchange with an elder in the district, Elder Rigby, from not Rigby Idaho. He's a solid
missionary, just has a companion going home in a week and getting married soon in such a situation it's a struggle not to get trunky. All of his appointments fell through too, but the next morning
we were 5x5ing a former investigator, and I said a silent prayer that we'd be able to find a new investigator for these Dover elders. I looked down both ends of the street and saw a white honda in a
driveway and for some reason I felt to go knock that door. So we did, a tall black man answered and allowed us to share a quick message
about God calling prophets because He loves His children. He accepted
the Book of Mormon and a return appt. We prayed together in gratitude
for being led to him. The Lord does recognize and bless us for our
efforts, even when everything seems to be in vain.

Last night, we had another great lesson with Megan (our one current
progressing investigator) and Michael and Bro Bailey (Michaels dad).
We helped her understand and recognize that she has felt the Spirit,
when she meets with us, reads the scriptures, goes to church or is
around the Bailey family. I've really seen the miracles of Member
missionary work with the Baileys. The Lord works through the members,
missionaries just teach. Elder Bowen recently commented in a stake
conference that members are really the full time missionaries, because
they've got their whole lives to bring Gods children home.
Missionaries have a short two years. So that is the Lords way of doing
His work! We also stopped by the Baileys neighbor, who they're good
friends with, and he let us in and invited us to come back and teach
him and his friend more about the church. Miracles!

Elder Allred and elder Tarry felt prompted to knock the next door
neighbor of the sweetest 92 year old member you'd ever meet. He asked
the Elders where they're from and they said The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints. He said, "oh Well I'm Mormon. Actually, I'm not
Mormon, but I'd sure like to be! My neighbor is and I've met her home
teacher, ken, (the ward mission leader). " So he was ecstatic when
they told him they're Mormon missionaries. Our return appt fell
through, but it's just another witness that he Lord is preparing the
hearts of His children through those that already have the truth!

I love witnessing the tender mercies of The Lord throughout the day,
just the little things that keep my spirit going and let me know He
cares. Things like the smile of a stranger, a pretty sunset, or a
letter from a loved one. Our Heavenly Father does indeed bless through
other people often times. I want to strive to recognize and show more
gratitude for those blessings. "But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto
you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he
hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the
power of deliverance." (1 Nephi 1:20)

Smile and know someone loves you!

Elder Jake Robins

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