Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nervous as a Sinner at Judgement Day

Hey Everyone!

Another week already?! That's crazy. And Elder Eldredge is already
gone and in fact he went to the place I was born as a missionary,
Wilmington 2nd Ward! I was going to request to die there, but I guess
not anymore. Whatever happens happens. He was bummed to leave. So at
transfers Elder Eldredge was about as nervous as a sinner at Judgement
Day. It's so nerve racking for some reason. But I got to transfers and
walked out to the center of the gym when my name was called, then
Elder Bergman's picture came up on the screen, we hugged, Sister
Anderson took our picture, and we walked back into the crowd. Switch
and done. That's how we do. So Elder Bergman was a district leader in
my last zone for 3 transfers, then we both got transferred out. He's a
good, funny kid and was happy to have a "normal companion" for a
change....little does he know..ha. It's been fun.

Guess what!! We're going to the Yi's tonight to teach a lesson and
have dinner, and since she's Puerto Rican she said she'd make us some
Puerto Rican food! How have I not gained weight here! Who knows. The
kids are progressing well towards their baptisms in March. It all
started with the oldest, Kiwi, who is 16, she is a good leader for her
brothers and sister and they for the most part follow her example.
Which is good. Shiela, the mom, gets exhausted by the fuss they often
put up about going to church. But when Kiwi leads out it helps a lot.
They are all very energetic and each have their own mental issues like
ADHD or slight autism etc. So we decided yesterday to start teaching
the 4 kids one by one because together it's like trying to herd cats.

We had a lesson with Nicole, who we met at the food pantry, on
Saturday at the Sorenson's home. Again, I knew the Sorenson's in
Philadelphia 1st Ward, but they have a stake calling that takes them
to that building every week even though they live in our ward
boundaries. It was a very insightful and spiritual lesson, unlike any
I've ever had. We addressed some concerns of hers and ate good
homemade warm bread. I may not see her full conversion process, but
she already knows two good families in the ward and she has a sincere
desire to grow closer to God so I don't doubt that eventually she'll
come to find and accept the truth she's looking for.

Oh so Elder Bergman is from Tremonton, UT but his family is currently
residing in Chicago. He is also 2nd of 6 kids, like me. Pretty big
farm, hunting family. With a California boy. Makes for a fun
companionship! He's such a hard worker and I'm glad to have him here.
You're probably wondering about the weather, to be completely honest,
it's been pretty pathetic this year. All these super storms and
everything turned out to be rain or light light dustings that melt
within half an hour. Kinda disappointing in a way. But it's good cause
we work whether or not the weather will not. Did that make sense? Oh
well if it didn't.

One thing I love about transfers is that I get to see past companions
or missionaries from past areas and often it's a joy to catch up. I
was always worried I would just be a socially inept missionary
standing in the corner, but I wouldn't want anyone to feel alone like
that. So transfers are fun now because i see some of those people who
I've come to know and love. I echo Alma as he got transferred to a
different land and "Alma did rejoice exceedingly to see his brethren;
and what added to his joy, they were still his brethren in the
Lord...and...they taught with power and authority of God." -Alma

There's something joyous about returning  to family and loved ones and
finding that they are still strong if not stronger in the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. That is how I would hope to find each of you. I love
this gospel I love the truth and the way it's changing so many lives.
Have a wonderful week!

Elder Jake Robins

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