Monday, August 4, 2014

Operation Haitian

Hey everyone! I was hesitant to put that subject line because it seems
like whenever I tell of successes I jinx it and it all backfires.
Superstition, man I'm telling you it's real! Ha jk, not really. But I
was so happy yesterday as these wonderful people we have been working
with we're able to make it to church. Mary and Sylvio brought their 3
grandkids, Jeanel and his son Patrick came, Jacques (whom we found
last week) and they are all Haitian. Some of the nicest people you'll
meet. It's a very different culture, but I love it. Sister Philoma an
RM from Haiti was able to translate for them during Sunday school and
what not.

Mary and Sylvio met with Bishop Hoppes from Salisbury 2nd ward about
him marrying them. We are in limbo right now as the bishop of our ward
is in Colorado and they have yet to call a new bishop. They will just
need to go to the courthouse to get a marriage license then we're
pretty sure they're good to go! So we are working with a few families
and individuals from Haiti that feel truth of the gospel message we
share. Seriously there could be a Haitian branch here, hence why we
were so enthralled by operation Haitian being in full swing. Such good
people, I love em.

At zone training in Dover on Thursday, we talked a lot about the
culture of our mission, like what the overall mindset of the mission
is. Are we just here to baptize people and get them to join our
church, that is not our driving motive. Unfortunately there are some
people out there who see this work as bigoted and the personification
of everything evil. To all those who contest, this is the work of God.
Not of man. I know that this work is divine. Too many times I have
felt the Spirit testify to my heart of the message that I bear. I'm
far from perfect, but when we speak truth, the Spirit can touch the
humble hearts.

Our investigator Orlando met us outside his apartment for our lesson.
Then he rode his bike and followed us the 2 miles or so to the church.
He was cruising pretty slow, but it was close to 90 degrees and humid
as a steam room. I felt bad, here we were in a cool car, while he's
huffing and puffing to blow the house down all the way to the church.
I wanted to throw him a tow rope. But we gave him a church tour and it
was just the right environment to teach and testify. The Spirit was
strong and he talked about how he had told others about him joining
the church. He's had quite a bit of opposition, but he understands the
need for the priesthood and has felt the Spirit as we've taught.

I've always wondered how a missionary or anyone can be truly diligent
yet not be stressed. I thought of my journey in coming to know my
Savior. It has been no easy task, just as he said in D&C 88:63,"Seek
me diligently and ye shall find me." I know that to be true. Christ is
there for everyone, whether they want Him or not. I love that and I
know that He lives and loves each of us.

Love always,

Elder Jake Robins

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