Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gone Fishin'

Dearest Family Friends!

Another whirlwind week behind us. I hope this finds you all healthy
and well. I don't have a whole lot of time, but Salisbury is awesome
so far! Elder Tryon and I had a great week and we really felt like The
Lord was guiding us throughout. Many spiritual experiences that
confirmed to me that I am supposed to be here right now. P day in
Salisbury is quite a bit different than AC. I spent quite a bit of
time walking the shops and boardwalk in AC people people people. Here,
we went to a members house and went fishin. We were gone a fishin'.
Hehe out in the good ol Styx of Maryland. Like the 2nd time I've
fished in my life.

One such experience was with a new investigator named Patrice. Elder
Tryon and his trainer found her late last transfer, but weren't able
to pin her down for an appt. last week we taught her with a member
named Brother Naumann. It was a spiritual feast. Gosh I love teaching.
We taught the Restoration, she had great questions about prophets and
truth. I felt to watch a segment of the restoration video. It invited
the Spirit so well and I don't know exactly what it is, but the fact
that we have a loving Heavenly Father who answers prayers touched her
heart. She was so intrigued by the video that by the time I stopped
it, she was about 5 inches from the screen. She backed up slowly and
said, "I've just got this really good feeling inside, almost like a
burning feeling. It makes me want to cry. I've never really felt like
this before."
"Patrice" I said gently, "That feeling is the Holy Ghost. He is
testifying to your heart that the message you just heard is true. I
know with all my heart that Joseph Smith did see our Father in Heaven.
This event changed the world forever. Let it change your life."

The Spirit was so tangible that by the time we invited her to be
baptized in August, she just about jumped out of her seat in
excitement. We got excited and just left feeling filled. Similar but
not quite as enthusiastic experiences and invites happened several
times throughout the week. I felt homesick for AC, it is so hard
leaving hustle and bustle and going to the woods, same thing with
Smyrna. But as I focused on the people and seeking the Spirit in all
we did, the homesickness went away. Until President Perez called us on
the phone just to see how I was doing and what not. But the work is
picking up and good things are happening here. I met the bishop on
Sunday and 3 minutes later he told the ward council he's moving to
Colorado in 2 weeks and that next Sunday is his last. So new bishop

Elder Tryon is a hard worker, a lot like me at the beginning of my
mission. Dedicated, obedient, non time waster, a little quieter. We've
learned a lot from each other already. He reminds me of Jared a bit,
which makes me miss my brother more. There have been moments in the
last transfer or so that I have never felt more alone. But it is in
those solemn moments that I resort to the only other place I can turn.
To my Savior. I've got to end this, sorry! But I want to bear my
growing witness that Jesus Christ lives, He is the Redeemer of the
world. I have felt His presence in my life as of late and it is He
that has gotten me through. This isn't easy but I trust Him to make me
all that I can be.

"yea, we can see that the Lord in his great infinite goodness doth
bless and prosper those who put their trust in him." (Helaman 12:1)

Just trust Him.

Love always,

Elder Jacob Robins

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Ps there is a Robbins family in the ward but they spell their darn
last name wrong. I haven't met them yet so I'll set it straight when I

Me, Joe Ruple, his member wife Magaly, and her son Alberto. 

Me and the Swan family. Only english family in the branch. he's in the presidency. some of the coolest, most down to earth people i've met. 

President Perez and his awesome family. He came up to me after our branch going away party and said "Elder Robins, can we make like a pact or something to visit each other and keep in touch?" Of course it was in his broken english, spanish accent. It made me happy to know that I've had an impact on some members. I told him he has to take me to Guatemala (home country) after my mission. I'll miss that man.
Me and the De la Cruz Family-Spanish Branch. They fed us almost every week. Yummy yummy mexican food. I'll miss them!
One last picture with my favorite adopted grandmother and convert, Dottie. Love this woman, can't wait to reunite on the other side. But hopefully before that too!
 Me and the Cruz family. Patty doing the bunny ears is crazy, but a crazy good cook too. ha what"s with me talking about food so much! They know it's how to get to a missionary's heart. ha. The man sitting is Hmno/ Marco in the Branch Presidency, he cried when I said good bye and tenderly told me that I am always welcome in their home. They asked me on Facebook if they could come visit me down here in Salisbury...3 1/2 hour drive, why not?
Me, Elder Seeley and Sister Amandy- Filippino member who fed us the halo halo and all that crazy food. such sweet people. 

Our AC apt. I'll tell you more about it after the mission. Let's just say some bad things happened there before missionaries got there. hehe. and the neighborhood, boy should've gotten a pic of that. 

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