Monday, October 7, 2013

The Treasures of Life

Hi family and friends!

Oh what a wonderful week it has been. I feel so blessed to be a missionary for our Savior at this momentous time. With General Conference, investigators taking steps toward baptism and several other uplifting experiences, I feel the Lord has a way with blessing each of us with the experiences necessary to grow and learn in this life. So last Monday after p-day, we went to the Hengst's home for haircuts and dinner. It took quiiitttee a bit longer than we expected, but it's hard to complain when you're getting a free haircut. She has a mini salon right off her kitchen and several customers come monthly. So she's the rill dill. Then she found out I'm an organ nut, so she opened up and turned on their $70,000.00 that's right, seventy thousand dollar Lowrey theatre organ. It's got every little bell and whistle imaginable. And the best one in that family plays the organ....ummmm. No comment. So of course., I sat down to tink around on it. Granted, "I Need Thee Every Hour" sounds a little on a theatre organ, still pretty cool. We will do some gardening this week to repay them for their kindness. (PS they bought the organ much cheaper off a friend.)

On another organ note, between conference sessions I opened up the little toaster organ (that's what the ward organist calls it)'s about the quality of a toaster...but that's alright! She found out I'm musical and asked me to sing and play in Sacrament Meeting and Stake Conference like the second time  she talked to me. But hey, President Schaefermeyer encouraged me to "be creative and use my talents to bring people to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ." So such opportunities are a blessing. 

I got on Facebook last Tuesday and saw a picture of Enock, Elder Timmerman, and others in white clothing. Tears came to my eyes as I thanked my Heavenly Father for Enock's decision to follow Jesus Christ and to be able to see the fruits of my  labors. What a miracle it was that Enock first sought us out to come closer to Christ. The power of the Spirit in conversion is truly the answer to his decision. Love it

We had a lesson with Jackie and Sister Guessford on Wednesday. She picked up the remote and seemed to be pressing "talk" and then put the tv remote up to her ear. We laughed as she realized that there was no one talking on the other might help if it was actually a phone. We set a baptismal date for her and asked her to pray about her decision.

Zack, son of a less active, showed up to the first session of conference which was the absolutely perfect session for him. Every message had something in it for him, just another sign that the Lord is in this work and helping consecrate our efforts. I'm sorry, we have Zone Unity down in Seaford,DE  and have to start heading now, so this will be cut short. I'm sure you're all fine that I didn't have time for my weekly novel. Nor pictures. I absolutely loved every bit of conference and agree with President Monson that this was one of the most uplifting and inspiring conferences yet. As my dad said in an email, "The pace of preparation is quickening" the Lord is hastening His work and we have the choice to choose whether or not we are going to be a part of it. D & C 84:85 promises that if we "treasure up in our minds continually the words of life" we will be given the inspiration to know what to say and how to help people. How true that is. I love you all have a wonderful week, and  SMILE, you are a Child of God!


Elder Robins

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