Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 5- Transvestites

Dear Family and Friends,

From transvestites to general authorities, this week has been prettty crazy! On Tuesday we drove about an hour and a half down to Dover, DE for Golden Retraining. In other words, we greenie missionaries met with President and the Assistants to discuss issues we had or companion problems, etc. I have been learning a lot of patience with Elder Taylor, his way of teaching is obviously different than mine and we talked about how I could add more emotion and be more personable in my teaching. It's important, as we learned, that we do not forget our 3rd companion, the Holy Ghost. Elder Taylor and I could try as hard as we want, but we have noticed that if the person is arguing Bible doctrines or other stuff that we are not scholars on, then the Spirit will often leave the discussion and nothing will be learned. So we are taught to bear simple testimony and walk away. But we must be worthy of the Spirit in our own lives and create that Spiritual Vision for our investigators in our minds. 

We also watched a video of an MTC talk by Elder Holland. It was powerful as he asked us as missionaries if our message is in our hearts. "You are God's answer to the problems of the world. YOU are the Hope of Israel." It was beautiful. I love knowing that we are that hope. Dover is a beautiful city with antique buildings, they almost look like Disneyland they're so ornate and decorated. Beautiful towering trees line the cobblestone streets. Statues, a pond or river or something. It's a really pretty and old looking city. 

Elder Taylor and I have been working to contact less active members from a list from our bishop. We rang a few door bells at the bottom of an apartment building. After ringing one, a person opened the door and I had to do a double take. "Is this real life?" I had to ask myself. This man was wearing a light brown wig with the hair done over,  blue eye shadow and eye makeup stuff, bright red lipstick, a low cut cardigan or something...which was nasty cause his chest was like hairy. Then he had a dress and heels on. Had a deep man's voice, but spoke like a woman. So nasty. It took me a second to realize that it wasn't Halloween, that this guy was for real...so weird. But,,,, he is a Child of God. We didn't try teaching him though because he was pretty impatient.

We stopped at another semi-investigator's house, Xavier, who wasn't home but his uncle was. The uncle, Steve, had met with missionaries a year or 2 ago so we got talking about that. He told us that the bruises and cut marks and the broken pinky were a result of being mugged by a gang like two streets over a few nights ago. It's sad that a kind guy like him can't even bring his groceries to the car without getting beat up and robbed by selfish others. He and his girlfriend showed a lot of interest in learning, but as with almost all of downtown Wilmington on Saturday and Sunday nights, they had been drinking and were pretty smashed. it's sad to say that the majority of the people we teach on Saturdays won't remember anything we taught them the next day. 

Latisha, mother of 5 lost her job and was pretty down. She accepted the invitation to be baptized in July and the next week she found a job and things have been getting better. It's awesome to see the Lord perform His miracles as we exercise faith in Him and in our prayers. Transfers will happen in two weeks, then we will get the new mission Pres. Idk if I will stay, it's every six weeks that we're transferred.

"Obedience brings blessings; exact obedience brings Miracles."

Oh and Elder Rasband from the Presdiency of the 70 came and spoke at a Stake Conference then requested to meet with the missionaries. He shook each of our hands and allowed us to ask him questions cause he only had an hour with us. Elder Bednar had been up in Scranton, but we had the entire missionary force in the mission there except for the Scranton zone. So powerful were the messages he gave us. He told us that last Friday he was assigned to go to Oklahoma. As he got off the airplane, the airport was closed and the Bishop picking him up hurried him to the car because another tornado was on the way. They saw the vortex forming behind them in the car. This was 2 weeks ago Friday. He visited with a mother in Moore, OK and talked to her 5th grade daughter. I will have to make that story of her experience in the Moore Elementary school as the tornado hit a cliffhanger. Sorry:(

oh and Bishop Causse (presiding bishopric counselor) has a son in this mission and I met him yesterday at the meeting with Elder Rasband. 

Love you all, stay strong, the Lord will not forsake those who believe in Him. I only say that out of experience.

Elder Robins

3 Nep 12:14-16

P.S. Amy Jackson in the 2nd Ward, her brother is in my ward here in DE. Kinda cool.

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