Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 8, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
Haha...nah, way to formal for me. What up everyone? So Ive already been in the MTC for about a week crazy. But what a week it has been. BTW, i apologize for bad grammar or spelling errors etc, keyboards here are less than desirable. So my first day in the MTC, i had come from G and G Robin´s house kinda feelin like crap with butterflies and all sorts of nervousness. Then we ate lunch and i wanted to vomit afterwards. But i kid you not, as soon as we entered the MTC gates, all the butterflies, the upset stomach, the threatening headache and all other worries fled. It was a small miracle. I got a little choked up hugging mom, but knew that I was putting my life entirely in the Lord´s hands for the next two years. They filtered us through these really efficient orientation lines and stuff and I got to one woman who asked for one of my envelopes. She pulled out my nametag and said, ´¨Thank you Elder Robins, for choosing to serve our Savior.´¨ Then she gingerly placed it in the pocket of my suit coat. The Spirit washed over me as I officially felt like a full-time representative of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
My host Elder helped me take my bags to my room, then kinda just left me.. at the main building where we met for the orientation devotional. I was ushered into a room with probably 250+ Elders and Sisters who had also just reported. We were told there was another room right next to us with just as many brand new missionaries. 500 may not seem like a lot, but in one delivery day, not half bad. There was a very powerful Spirit in that room. Especially as we sang the Primary song "We''ll Bring the World His Truth." They changed the lyrics from "we will be" to "we are now the Lord's missionaries." Simple phrase that really packs a punch when you've been preparing most of your life to be that missionary sung about and when you're singing with several hunderd other missionaries. One of the first things we were told was that we weren't allowed to call each other guys. Guys are the young men at home dating our girlfriends...guess you had to be there.
After that quick meeting of instruction, we went to our classrooms, and I met my comp and district. My companions name is Elder Porter, from Boise, ID. He is way cool, and has a stalwart, powerful testimony with a zeal for missionary work. I feel blessed because we've been able to teach each other and learn to live 24/7 with another person. One of my roommates is from Australia, we didn't get along at all at first. He found me irritating. Then like yesterday, he magically popped out of it and is way cool now. Elder Baker from Pocatello is 18 and is very knowledgable (sp?) in the gospel. The sisters in our district are simply amazing. I said that in my letter, but they have such strong testimonies and add so much to our class and district time. 4 of the sisters are going to Philly with me. The other 2 sisters and 3 elders are going to TuK-sun as they call it. I will be flying to Philly with about 3 Elders and 14 sisters and a couple or two to join the new transfer. Sister Knowlton is one of our teachers. Simply stunning, yet she's crazy. She is energetic and excited about the gospel. And she loves what she does. One of the encouraging statements she said to us the other day, "You are full-time 'reminders.' The people you will teach have already learned everything you will tell them. You are reminding them of Home with Heavenly Father." So powerful, there have been moments in class when tears are running down our faces and the Spirit is so sweet and strong that no one will say a word. It is moments like those, when you know that Heavenly Father is mindful of all you are doing. I have come to know my Savior Jesus Christ as I have learned the Doctrine of Christ and really begun to internalize it.
I know this gospel is not only true, but it is for everyone! Mom thank you for your example of missionary work and spreading the gospel. Sorry for no pics.   I took the cliche ones with all the missionaries in front of the Provo Temple and then learned that transfderring pics was more work than it was worth. Sorry about that. Oh and I happened to fast for Emma on Sunday too. Wish her the best for me. Umm Chad Lewis spoke on Sunday. I have a lot more to say, but my time is two minutes I have to stop. Thanks for the letters sibs! Love you guys. Good luck in Florida. Thanks for the cupcakes Katie. My next P-day will probs be weds. My flight leaves 7:15 am on Tuesday the 14th, so i guess plan for a call in the early morning. Unless im allowed or have time to call from Detroit. We'll see.
Love you all, church is true.
Elder Robins

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